"LA PESTE" is collaborative book; a visual plague of images by Marco Palumbo-Rodrigues (VACANT STATE) & Jorden Haley (BIRD OV PREY), both represented in their signature stark black and white graphic style.

Both artists have contributed a total of 50 images, each alternating throughout the book. Perfectly complementing one other, the works are a mix of occult / punk / anti-authoritarian / fetishistic themes (and overall often with a touch of dark humor). Although containing no narrative, the images flow from one page to the next for a seamless graphic journey and are preceded by a forward by the esteemed Alex Virji.

Marco Palumbo-Rodrigues lives and works in London as a musician, artist, tattooer and educator. He founded Vacant State Publishing and co-founded both No Front Teeth Records and Glass Eye Records, continuously releasing recordings from a multitude of punk, post-punk, hardcore and synth bands for which he acts as art director and designer. He also fronts / has fronted several bands including The Gaggers, Saccharine Souvenirs, Crystallised Minds, Zanzara, Miscalculations, Vacuum, Sanguisuga, La Rabbia, Subtext, Cold Callers and Telegenic Pleasure. Additionally, he founded Backstabber badges and Scum Like It Don't accessories and makes up half of the Savage Communication art collective.

Jorden Haley has lived and worked in New York City since 2001 under numerous monikers - including Bird Ov Prey - which acts as the graphic garment and jewelry production arm of his art production and design company, Karbine Labor Industries. He has provided illustration and design services for numerous bands / musicians and corporate entities alike and enjoys creative freelance engagements of all sorts. When not engaged in researching esoteric symbolism or remixing typographic systems, he designs and sandblasts ornate glass works for his homegoods endeavor JH Artifacts.